Red Bull Origin


To celebrate one of the birthplaces of modern skateboarding and honor its storied past, Red Bull hosted a challenge-focused skate jam event at the legendary Venice Beach skate spots, recreated to reflect the iconic sessions of the 80s and early 90s.

To visually represent the essence of the Red Bull Origin event, we designed a logo that merges the classic deck shapes of the 80s-90s era with a contemporary deck shape. This fusion symbolizes the evolution of skateboarding culture while honoring its past. We incorporated visual elements from skateboarding’s rich history, such as custom griptape shapes, painted griptape, and classic board graphics, to root the event firmly in its origins while representing its present.

Additionally, we created a key visual and poster featuring an iconic photograph of Christian Hosoi skating the famous quarterpipe, capturing the spirit of the legendary Venice skate scene during its heyday. This key visual was used in various formats to promote the event across digital and print platforms.

Christian Hosoi Photo: Chuck Katz

  • Services: Art Direction, Logo Design, Key Visuals, On-Site Event Graphics