SHOEI X-Fifteen Helmet Launch


The X-Fifteen is the latest generation of SHOEI’s most technologically advanced sport and competition model, a pure racing helmet boasting optimal performance, functionality, and safety. The X-Series has earned the praise of the world’s top racers, including 8-time World Champion Marc Marquez. 

In collaboration with SHOEI North America, we embarked on an exciting journey to bring the highly-anticipated SHOEI X-Fifteen helmet to the world. As the crown jewel of the SHOEI lineup, the X-Fifteen demanded a launch as extraordinary as its reputation. From the initial spark of strategy and conceptual direction to the intricate design and meticulous production of every launch asset, we were dedicated to ensuring this global debut was spectacular. Our goal was clear each step of the way: to showcase the X-Fifteen in all its glory and make its arrival an unforgettable moment for motorcycle riders everywhere.

  • Services: Campaign Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Art Direction, Design, Photo + Video Production
  • Deliverables
    • Digital & Print Ad Campaign
    • Press Kit Concept, Design & Copywriting
    • Helmet Shield Decal Design
    • Press Launch Event Concept & Production
    • Photo + Video Shoot
    • 3D Product Rendering & Feature Animations
    • Video Post-Production
      • Full-Length Features & Benefits
      • Action Sizzle (45s)
      • Social Media (30s Action)
      • Social Media (30s Features)
      • Social Media (15s)