Red Bull Racing “Pitstop Pickup”


As Formula 1 continues growing in relevance in the USA, the Red Bull Motorsports team looked to increase its share of this audience through owned platforms and assets, as well as a strategic global partnership with American retail giant, Walmart. Leveraging strategic alliances with team partners helps to continue driving mass awareness and relevance with key audiences (motorsports & Walmart) by inviting consumers into the world of Red Bull Racing. As Red Bull Racing and Walmart entered year one of their multi-year official team partnership, The Medium was tasked with producing content to help promote the primary synergy of the Red Bull Racing team and Walmart services—Speed.

Focusing on the performance-driven ‘Pitstop Pickup’ ad spot, we produced a suite of co-branded marketing campaign assets intended to drive awareness and relevance within the F1/motorsports, Red Bull, and Walmart audiences. Unlike owned Red Bull content pieces that can be self-mocking and irreverent, the Walmart partnership ad creative needed to ensure that the Red Bull Racing property was used in a credible and authentic way, while also maintaining a common thread with other Red Bull Racing and Walmart content pieces already in circulation.

  • Services: Concept, Art Direction, Production, Editing & VFX
  • Deliverables:
    • 30s ‘Pitstop Pickup’ Ad Spot
    • :15s ‘Pitstop Pickup’ Ad Spot
    • :10s ‘Pitstop Pickup’ Ad Spot
    • :30s ‘Pitstop Pickup’ Mexico Spot
    • POS Campaign Key Art Concept & Design